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Let Go of Twitter and Facebook. And I mean it.

You already know that social media outlets are the curse of your daily life. You already know that they bring you little information and tons of trouble. You already want to quit them, but you think you can’t.

You can. I did.

Let go of them. In their place:

  1. Get yourself a RSS reader. I recommend NetNewsWire, but tastes vary. If your experience with such things ended when Google Reader ended, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the state of the art.
  2. Start looking for weblogs that talk about stuff you care about. Blogs are not dead, no matter what you may have heard.
  3. Let one blog lead you to another and keep adding them to your RSS reader.
  4. If you start to dislike one or more of them, remove them from your RSS reader and don’t give them a second thought.
  5. Pretty soon, you’ll have all you want to read, whenever you want to read it.
  6. You will wonder why you ever got hooked on the noxious stuff you used to see every day.

It works. I promise. Money back guarantee.

16686 - Resources I own in Logos
16641 - Those that are available in the mobile version
16627 - Those that are downloaded to my iPad Pro
14 - Available in mobile app, but not downloadable

When I started using Logos, I craved a CD drive so I wouldn’t have to swap floppies. Now I have almost all my resources on an iPad. It’s better than Star Trek.

My iPad still has almost 600 GB of storage remaining. Maybe I didn’t need 1 TB.

On the means of propulsion : Essays in Idleness

A branching, mycelial, thread-like hyphae, spreading organically through the human arbour; meandering through the fields, bridging the rivers, tunnelling under obstacles and crowded city streets. Short, pleasant walks at either end. Carts and (electric) buggies to provide doorstep-to-doorstep for the halt and feeble. The odd electrical hay wagon.

Using NetNewsWire full-time now on the Mac. My biggest issue has been sending an item to Pinboard, which I use as my Read Later Service. Spillo provides a nice share-to-pinboard service which works the way I want it to work.

Some days nothing will work as background music but smooth jazz. Like today.

My alma mater is providing email boxes to all alumni. Is this a common thing?

Spring Color:

Early Spring in the Park:

gilest.org: Black and white and RSS

Photos you can only see in a feed

Homelessness Up 12% In Los Angeles County, The rise comes despite two voter-approved tax hikes and more than $600 million spent last year on social services and new supportive housing. Officials blame rising rents and evictions.

Penguin Tank:

Was that a crowd rumble because the display stand costs an extra $1000?

Aren't we about Due for an Exile?

Israel was exiled to Assyria and wiped out. Judah was exiled to Babylonia for half a century and was never again a truly independent kingdom except for the short Maccabean period, which was not so hot in its own right.

Why these periods of exile?

Because the bulk of Israel/Judah did not obey God. They were influenced by the culture around them to the extent that they became part of it. They gave service to God, but also to the cultural gods around them. They were in the world and part of the world.

“In the world and not of the world.” It sounds like one of those extra-biblical aphorisms that Christians are fond of, like “The Lord helps those who help themselves.” But it isn’t that way at all. It’s embedded in the prayer of Jesus for his disciples (and for us) in John 17. Read it if you don’t believe me.

Well, in my opinion we (the church) are not doing any better than the Israelites did at that thing. We are every bit part of the world.

We crave acceptance by the culture. We water down our message. We offer cheap grace and we partake of it fully. We modify our culture so it is acceptable the the bigger culture. We try to control the culture through political means. We certainly don’t want to be seen as different. We are more interested in being a club than being a church, a social network of people like us.

It seems we are unable to live in the world without becoming part of it. Just like Israel and Judah.

Why would God be pleased with the church any more than he was with Israel?

I shouldn’t be surprised if God decided to exile our part of his church into some foreign and awful place and let us stew in that for a while. I shouldn’t be surprised if it happens soon, or even if it has already begun.

That might be what we need.

Amish at the Zoo:

Who asked for whole grain fig newtons? Are they suddenly healthy or something?


JJ Cale and Eric Clapton - The Road to Escondido

JJ Cale - Stay Around

How can Amazon afford to provide 1-day shipping for free on a single item under $10?

Inspired by the photo of sweaters, I looked for other combinations of colors in the house. This combo is much softer, but just as random.



50 years of “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes

I can’t remember who around here mentioned Vulfpeck, but thank you.

20190528 DSF8213 Edit

Carol had laid some clothing on a chair in the living room, probably bound for Goodwill. The juxtaposition of colors caught my eye.

New home in our neighborhood. No lawn yet. Something doesn’t seem quite right.

Carol was doing plant maintenance on the patio and brought me a deadhead, asking if I wanted it. She knows me too well. I let it age another day, desiccating a bit. I placed it on a light table, which is actually an LED tracing light that works pretty well for this purpose.

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