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The most powerful computer we have in our house is my wife’s sewing machine.

Looking for my Shot - Episode 002

Episode 002

Looking for my Shot - Episode 002

I think I uploaded an .m4a file last week instead of an .mp3 file. This should fix it.

  • Last Saturday I went to Jamestown, Indiana, less that ten miles from home.
  • Very small, about 950 people. Not on a major highway.
  • Typical Indiana small town. John Mellencamp would feel comfortable here.
  • I was looking for
    • brick buildings in various states of repair
    • interesting storefronts
    • interesting installations in alleys
    • small town feel
  • You can’t always get what you want. It pays to keep the eyes open, as well as the mind.
  • There wasn’t much going on in town. Saw a couple kids shooting hoops in the park. Spoke with another kid waiting for his friend in the park. Had a “farmers’ nod” from and back to one guy driving through town. Pretty dead.
  • But I’m not really shooting people. I like the idea of street photography and what are called environmental portraits. But I haven’t done it yet. Also, Jamestown, Indiana isn’t the right spot for that.
  • If anyone is paying attention, I am probably a strange sight. Me rolling down the sidewalks, side streets, and alleys in my electric wheelchair. Without it I wouldn’t have stamina for more than a few minutes. I try not to worry about what people might think.
  • Some alleys have astounding structures in them. Sometimes people set up little mansions with grounds in the upstairs apartments back in the alley. This little town had not of that. But it certainly had plenty of small town feel.
  • Trying to spend more time looking at photographs. We are inundated. Tendency is to quickly go through photos forming quick opinions. Golden rule.

Jamestown 1

The striking thing about these two buildings is the color contrast. A green building next door to a fuschia one. And the fuschia building has a door that is kind of aqua-blue. I suspect that the two business owners didn’t get together on color scheme.

20190406 4060605 Edit

Jamestown 2

I’ve been to historic buildings that are surrounded by scaffolding because they are being rennovated. I noticed that quite a bit when I was in Scotland looking at various castles, and I have seen pictures of scaffolding on buildings like the Washington Monument. This rennovation caught my eye in a small town. Small town, small project. I like patterns in brick buildings anyway.

20190406 4060619 Edit

Jamestown 3

I love alleys. This must ba a loading dock for a business. It’s been kept up pretty well, but the contrast of the blue door and other accents really made me notice it.

20190406 4060657 Edit 2

Jamestown 4

A tire swing! Kids today still have some of the joys we enjoyed in my childhood days. Pretty elaborate rope system, too. Just may have been installed without much adult supervision/intervention. This would never fly on an official playground these days.

20190406 4060652 Edit

Jamestown 5

This shot shows the typical kind of decay seen in small towns around here. In past days, I can imagine townies sitting on the wooden window seat, kibbutzing about whatever. They business just down the street has provided more modern and more comfy seating, along with a nicer presentation of the front door. Probably those windows aren’t all cracked like these are.

20190406 4060620 Edit

  • I’m thinking of starting a project on yard art. Knowing me, I’d be especially drawn to yard art that has seen better days or that is strange in one way or another. Do you think that would make for an interesting project?

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Looking for my Shot - Episode 003

Episode 003

  • Welcome to episode 3 of “Looking for my Shot”.
  • Last weekend our weather wasn’t great, but hey, I have a podcast to produce, so needed to go out and get some new photos.
  • I ended up going to the downtown area of the little town we live in. Or is it uptown? I grew up in this county, but not in this town. So, detailed exploring was new to me.
  • Our county is growing fast—over 2% annually—, and the edge of growth is in our town. Because of that, there is a lot of construction going on in the area where the old brick buildings are located. I had to stick mostly to the alleys to avoid construction mess. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
  • I’m really working on learning to use my 17mm lens, so I took no other. I think I’m getting better, but I’m still having to crop more than I want to.
  • Also, my exploration was limited to a small area, so I left the wheelchair behind and just used my feet.

Downtown Brownsburg 1

Downtown Brownsburg 1 Bread and butter brick wall.

Downtown Brownsburg 2 Downtown Brownsburg 2 Domino’s storefront. Dusty from construction. Old ironwork.

Downtown Brownsburg 3

Downtown Brownsburg 3 Bread and butter brick wall. Phone installation. Parking lot.

Downtown Brownsburg 4

Downtown Brownsburg 4 Bare Necessities storefront. Come here to purchase formal attire.

Downtown Brownsburg 5

Downtown Brownsburg 5Bread and butter brick wall. Picnic area.

  • My wife seems to not care for my alley photos. She accused me of having an eye for junk. Or something like a brick eye. It’s difficult/impossible to argue with her.

Randall McRoberts

Looks like 3/5 of our starters are finally on track. Now for the offense.

I kinda forgot that Bucky Dent is the manager of the Yankees.

Preaching is easy. Walking is hard.

Has anybody else had trouble with Lightroom reading photos from an SD card very, very slowly?

Lazy Saturday afternoon.

Many people seem to think that elections are the cause of things, rather than being the result of many other causes.

NPR is asking if Netanyahu’s election will push Israel to the right. I’d be asking why he was elected, instead.

Elections don’t push; they are pulled.

Giver and Receiver

I was reading today about the encounter of Jesus with the Samaritan woman. I know many people try to use that story as a takeoff for their thoughts on evangelism. I’m not going to do that.

Except for one thing:

I think the main point to be made about Jesus’s manner with the woman was that he presented himself in need of her, not the other way round. He was thirsty and he had no way to draw water, so he asked for her help.

We usually go about our evangelistic efforts the other way round. We are proud of what we have to offer the poor people to whom we take the gospel. We don’t need them. They need us.

In the end, Jesus was both a giver and a receiver, but he started out as a receiver.

Spilt religion : Essays in Idleness

Christians are called upon to be alert. With God or neighbour our relation is with a Person; the Church, for all her outward organization, is a vessel in which we find a Person, too. The vessel of the State contains, actually, a bottomless nothing.

Our contemporaries are bewildered by these. They think that Christ has called us to advance His Kingdom by political means; or that good resides in the empty vessel. This is spilt religion; the wine poured, as it were, into the wrong jar, and lost, immortally. That which is owed to Christ — a life — is instead paid into the emptiness.

Texas Road House for lunch today. Don’t care for the noise, but I do like the food.

Chronicles of collusion : Essays in Idleness

Looking for my Shot, Episode 001

Looking for My Shot, Episode 1

  • New podcast focused on photography
  • Inspired by
  • Not even sure what the title will be
    • Thought about “Randy Photos” for SEO, but I don’t care about SEO
    • Might start with something like Looking for My Shot
    • It will be always pretty short
  • I am an amateur.
    • I do it for love.
    • I have sold some photos, but that is not my purpose.
  • Typical photography
    • Micro 4/3
    • Small towns, especially alleys, brick buildings, suburban decay.
    • Recently got a 17 mm lens and trying to learn to see things through that lens.
      • In the past, most with 14-42 mm lens, but it makes me lazy with framing.
    • I also like close up photography of architectural details and plants and flowers.
  • Weekly projects
    • This week I’m posting photos from a trip to downtown Indy, to the White River Gardens
    • Used a 60mm macro lens for all the shots
      • Background out of focus
      • Ability to focus closely
      • Not really macro shots, though. Just handheld shots, some closer up.
    • Hoping for butterfly shots, but they were sparser than they will be later and kind of bedraggled
    • Shoot what you find
      • Plants and flowers
      • Goldfish in pond
      • Weird growth patterns
      • Anything unusual: juxtaposition, strange composition, etc.
    • My worst shot ended up in Flickr Explore on Friday. If you can figure out the algorithm for that thing, please let me know.
    • I’ll post my week’s photos in the show notes, along with links so you can find me.
    • Also, I got a nice shot of the bluebird that came to our feeder. We love bluebirds but don’t see them often. I’ll share that shot too.
    • Look me up on Flickr. Not on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.




WRG 4 (This is the one that made it to Explore in Flickr.)



Our bluebird

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What a frustrating start of the season for the Red Sox! It seems almost inhuman to make a team that played almost to the end of October start with an 11-game road trip on the west coast with no days off. I think the schedulers are Yankee fans, but NYY has troubles of its own.


Bad Light

There is no bad light. There is spectacular light and difficult light. It’s up to you to use the light you have. It won’t always be spectacular and sometimes you may not get much light at all. Use whatever light you find. It may not be inspiring or wonderful. You work with the hand you’re dealt.

— Jay Maisel

I used to be big into 500px and I listened to the podcast where the head honcho critiqued the photos of contributors. Only nearly every photo he said it needed to be shot at a different time of day.

It must be nice to have the leisure to shoot only at the perfect times of day and on the perfect days. I don’t have that. I like Maisel’s approach better.


After the last round of updates, my watch stopped unlocking my Mac. Tried a lot of things, but the thing that fixed it was to reboot the watch. Should have thought of that a couple days sooner. Apple stuff working so well has made my troubleshooting mind sluggish.




The snow falling outside my back door last Saturday evening:

I must be getting old. I grow weary of the April Fools news items.

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