Scientist and Believer

I am a scientist and I am a follower of Jesus.

People often assume that I am in conflict because of this. They think that science and faith are in opposition.

I certainly do not think that.

In both science and Christianity, I am trying to understand the world we have. I’m looking for the truth. The truth cannot conflict with the truth.

I suppose people who cling to a young earth creationism have a conflict with science. But YEC is not Christianity; it is an aberration of belief, unwarranted by good biblical interpretation.

Truth found in the search requires a commitment to the finding. Thus, I am all in as a disciple of Jesus. My commitment does not waver. I will follow him.

Making Disciples

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how we, the church, should go about making disciples as instructed to by Jesus.

My thinking has come around to the ages-old concept of living life together. As Jesus lived life with his close followers, we must approximate the same thing if we hope to make disciples for Jesus.

Obviously, we won’t live and travel together (most of us, anyway) but if our church is truly the community that God means for it to be, we can still, in some way, do life together.

Do life together. That is the mantra of Jeff, one of the most successful group leaders at our church. And his group has all the earmarks of just such a community.

Somehow we need to surrender the busyness of our family and work lives and become a community that does life together.