Serious question: is “Indian summer” still a term that can be used? Is there a good alternative besides “an unseasonably warm spell in the autumn”?

God’s Peace

The peace of God is worth far more than any earthly sense of security. If you feel at loose ends because you are unhappy with the election results, I encourage you to let go of that particular quest for internal peace and cling to the Father.

This peace is unlike anything in the world.

In our little county we have had 13 COVID-19 deaths in the last two weeks and 587 new cases. Yet people still go about in public with no masks. The height of ignorance.

The Only Crown I Want | Jesus Creed

If we as Christians were as concerned as we say about the moral character of our nation, we’d preach Jesus Christ and His salvation more. We’d pray more for our lost neighbors and friends and spend less time trying to convince them to vote one way or the other. On Tuesday, we’ll elect a president, but only a president. God has appointed our king. His name is Jesus.
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