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Barrier to Entry

Continuity Camera works just fine.

🎶 itunes.apple.com

Any Christian who thought the way to win America for Christ was to elect right wing leaders should, by now, have been disabused of the notion.

I have been looking st the /burgers subreddit. I don’t think there is such a thing as a bad burger.

On1 is previewing Photo Raw 2019. Looks like they are adding powerful features aimed at catching people moving from Lightroom and Photoshop.

I started a Resources page on my new site today. Suggestions are welcome.

Fly in the Ointment

I’m early in the process of launching my new website: Read the Bible with Me.

Right now it’s a rough framework and a minimal amount of content. I plan for the project to be the consummation of my life’s work.

Link: Apple Buys Shazam, Dropping Ads for All Users - The Mac Observer

I’m actually starting to like Apple News, surprising even myself. I can configure it to help me avoid seeing the political news, enabling me to be a happier and healthier person.

I just read @belle ‘s post.

  • Diversity : Not something that can be forced on a service. It can only be encouraged. I don’t see anything discouraging diversity of any kind here, except perhaps certain political views are not as welcome. Since the team building and managing this thing is a man and a woman, though both (as far as I know) of the same race, I think we are set up for improvement.

  • Apple diversity: This seems to be belle’s greatest complaint. Some people who don’t like Apple really just hate Apple. Until the 2010 iPad, I myself was anti-Apple, but that futuristic device change me forever. Why can’t we just all get along? Don’t Android devices have a web browser? I bet they do.

  • @manton his ownself: I’ve known manton online for many, many years. I’ve used his previous services and apps. And I’ve stopped using them for one reason or another. One thing I’ve always like is manton’s personal touch. manton and I, if we were seated in a coffee shop together, would have happy conversations, even though we disagree greatly on many things. But one thing I would never say about manton is that he is two-faced. I don’t know why anyone would regard manton’s need to make a living as a bad thing. I need to work to stay alive and so does almost everyone I know. I believe manton’s business model is a perfect balance of practicality and principle. The personal attack on manton is disturbing to me, and his own response is as nuanced as you would expect. manton is a good, good man.

  • Community: I agree. This community is good, and getting better. People who will accept an old man like me, with relatively conservative politics, who is a believing Christan, are pretty good people in my book. Hard to find a community like that these days without going off the deep end. In fact, the community is so good that I would not consider leaving for other, lesser reasons.

  • Discovery: I would like to find more people who I like to talk to. I’ve found a few and I’ve rejected a few. I’m finding more all the time. I’m willing to be patient.

So, I’m not leaving. And if I were I wouldn’t write a long post of compaint; I would just leave and perhaps send manton a note. I don’t know. We are all different, though.

Palimpsest Otterbein, Indiana, USA

Second best thing of the day: my son showed me, via Messages, how to take a selfie and substitute my memoji for the head. I like that. Makes me look so you.

Are burgers politically correct on micro.blog? My one today surely was good. The Big Mouth Burger, from Big Woods, Speedway, Indiana. Burger with bacon and pulled pork, cheddar, onion jam, and special sauce.

I just became a Dejal Simon user. Makes me feel like a hacker again. @dejus

Link: News Flash: Dog Doesn’t Bite Man – John Stackhouse

“How refreshing in these hair-trigger times, therefore, to see and to celebrate Christian leaders of one sort deciding to patiently encounter those of another and then, after careful reflection, to accentuate the positive. It really is the religious equivalent of a Conservative Party leader praising the work of a Green.

Maybe that’s news after all, then—good news.”

Never be afraid to stand alone.

The sportswriters need a TextExpander snippet for “error by Gary Sanchez”.

Benton County, Indiana, in a single photo

What do you folks think of NT Wright? I’m kind of a fanboi.

How many micro.bloggers are sound designing their podcasts? castro.fm/episode/l…

Small Town Indiana

The Battle Cry of the Reformation and the Surrender of Greek and Hebrew

“Evangelical churches are frequently seeking pastors who have amazing speaking abilities, but who can’t exegete their way out of a paper bag.”

St. Francis Door

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