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I don’t think anyone but baseball broadcasters care how long the game lasts. But we do care about pace. When pitchers diddle, it feels sluggish, like watching football.

Alley Shots


what the United States needs from us in Jesus, from the church

Your mileage may vary, but I find Hebrews more helpful in understanding Jesus’ work than Romans. The interpretation of Romans has often been so strongly Reformed that it is difficult for me to read it without letting it be twisted into saying things it doesn’t say. I’m glad the Truly Reformed have left Hebrews to me.

Twitterrific changes for API deprecation | Manton Reece

If you were wondering if Twitter’s API changes were ever really going to affect Twitter users, this release of Twitterrific is your answer.


Link: Twitterrific changes for API deprecation | Manton Reece

I line up behind Jesus more than Lee Greenwood.


The web is the social network


Is Jesus Really “Lord” of our Lives?

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I’m really enjoying the micro.blog environment. I use it as a Twitter replacement (with reposting to Twitter) and a small blog with short posts. Eventually, I will probably have more longer posts and a few more podcast episodes.

This particular post is coming from Quill.


Remembering the Difference between Patriotism and Nationalism

I sure would like to contribute a couple losses to the Yankees this weekend.

Went with the Bacon Burger.

I’ve been told that Chili’s is resurgent as a burger force. I’ll check it out, but I’m not sure I’m ready for the Boss Burger. static.olocdn.net/menu/chil…

If such a program were instituted, there would be no red for “modern” or “traditional “ worship services. We could just have the church in worship. It’s not about appealing to people’s preferences. It’s about worshipping God.

There are some modern hymns that are highly acceptable, such as “In Christ Alone”, “How Deep the Father’s Love for Us”, “We Fall Down”, and several more. When we sing those hymns in church, as opposed to praise ditties, there is a more palpable sense of worship in the place. Even if some of the theology is suspect—in my mind—there is a wonderful place for such theology in our worship. We are worse off if we eliminate it. My advice would be to institute a mix of true hymns, both old and new, even if some of the old ones need to be reset in modern dress.

I am not a luddite of any kind, but I do notice that hymns can be wonderful carriers of theology, while the little ditties of praise we often sing are much lighter in weight. I wouldn’t advise throwing out the ditties, but perhaps a dose of real hymnology (not the gospel songs of the early 20th century low church, etc.) would be helpful to us.


When reading Leviticus 16, it surely looks to me like a picture or metaphor of expiation (cleansing of sin from the holy places) rather than propitiation (assuaging an angry God). I honestly don’t understand how it is that propitiation has become such a prominent thought. Maybe it simply preaches better. Ask the Puritans.

Mind the Gap - Onscript!

Another downside of having a terminal disease: when I’m sick, like today, I worry that it is the beginning of the end.

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