Made for Worship?

A common trope among orthodox Christians is that we were made for the purpose of worshiping God. I’ve been thinking a lot about this and I’m sure I will write some more in the near future. I really want to dig into the Bible on this one.

But off the top of my head, the idea that we were created for worship doesn’t make a lot of sense. God has no need to be worshipped. To want to be worshipped seems like a juvenile reason to create people.

I think, rather, that worship is a natural human response to who God is, when we finally begin to grasp who he is.

I believe we are made to be partners with God in managing his creation. I guess you could say we aren’t made for worship, but we are made for discipleship.

Stop Being So Selfish and Disrespectful

Photographers, Instagrammers: Stop Being So Selfish and Disrespectful:

People now seem incapable of appreciating the scene before their eyes – thinking instead that it will be improved by them stood in the middle of the image in that straw hat and floaty dress they’ll likely return to a poor retailer later that day, all for the sake of achieving “internet fame”….

Wouldn’t it just be nice to appreciate the view?