Responding to the False Dichotomy on the Age of the Earth – Naturalis Historia

It is possible to overcome the dogma generated by our cultural and theological backgrounds.  We do this not by giving up truth.  Rather it is about discovering a better way that doesn’t require abandoning the faith nor blind acceptance of dogmatic interpretations of Scripture by some Christian apologists.  In other words, by realizing that our original choice was not between truth and error but between two errors.
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Food for Thought and Some Good Advice, from Christian sociologist George Yancey

This loss of cultural power is critical as Christians consider how to prepare to operate politically in a post-Christian world. While the political position of Christians is not dire today (after all many of them helped to elect our current president), things are not going to get better. Christianophobic cultural messages will become more prominent which will eventually impact the ability of Christians to gain, or maintain, political power.
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Save Your Fujitsu S1500M

The software for the Fujitsu S1500 scanners is 32 bit stuff and won’t work any longer with Catalina. But don’t throw your scanner away.

Instead get or update VueScan by Hamrick Software.

It works perfectly in either single sided or duplex mode.

I’m thankful for VueScan, which I’ve had for years to do better scanning with flatbed scanners. I’m thankful they saw fit to save our S1500 scanners from extinction.

I had set up a VM running Mojave in Parallels just so I could run that scanner. But I might as well keep the VM. You never know what other 32 bit apps I might run into.

What is it like to write a commentary? | Psephizo

From a personal point of view, the whole process was a remarkable spiritual experience. To spend such an extended time immersed so deeply in a text of Scripture was a wonderful experience, and a number of my writing weeks offered me a profound sense of being in the presence of God. I hope to repeat the experience in future commentary writing.
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Here is a wholly enjoyable read from Ian Paul on his writing of the rather new volume on Revelation in the IVP OT and NT commentary series.