Sins of the Father: What Should we do about an Imperfect Past? | David Rupert

The arrogant presumption that what we know today is the correct view of history, that we are the chosen generation, should give us pause. We shouldn’t believe that we are the people with the absolute moral authority to look at generations past with a righteous judgment. We haven’t earned that right.
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The George Floyd Trial and the Longing for Justice – Russell Moore

And, finally, we can remember that this verdict matters because George Floyd himself matters. He is not only a symbol of the quest for racial justice in this country—although he is certainly that. He is also a human being created in the image of God. His life matters to God, and should matter to us.

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I think this is a good response.

Enraged by Ravi (Part 2): What if you were converted or discipled under a ministry like Ravi’s – Russell Moore

When someone you admire does something disgusting or evil, don’t admire what is disgusting or evil. At the same time, don’t let your rightful disgust turn you to despair. Many who come in Jesus’ name are frauds. Jesus is not.

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Enraged by Ravi (Part 1): The wreckage of Ravi Zacharias – Russell Moore

The witness of the church is at stake. More importantly, the lives of those made in the image of God, those for whom Jesus died, are at stake. This awful report—coming on the heels of so many other situations detailed before—should rouse the conscience to ask not just how sadists can get into places of Christian leadership, but whether we have created a situation where the very presence of a conscience is an impediment to advancement in the Machiavellian and sometimes Caligula-like world of some sectors of American Christianity. 

Anger is not the ultimate answer. But it’s a start. 

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Losing Our Religion – Russell Moore

But nobody ever said, “Remember when I said ‘Gog and Magog’ of the Bible is the Soviet Union? I was wrong about that” or “Mikhail Gorbachev, I told you was probably the antichrist, but, my bad” or “Now that I also am using these supermarket scanners, maybe they’re not the Mark of the Beast after all.” These folks just moved on with the next confident assertions, as though the last never happened at all. 
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