I don’t know what all happens when I die, but I know for sure (as sure as I can be without full knowledge) that I will await a resurrection just like that experienced by Jesus. I will be raised into a renewed creation and things will be a dang sight better than they are right now.

Transfusions for me are coming about every two or three weeks now. I know this cannot go on forever. So far, I’m still enjoying being alive, though. I say a year from now things will be quite a bit different.

A Bad Habit

The Bible writers wrote what they wrote under the inspiration of God himself. They did not write a systematic theology. Even Paul, when he wrote to the Romans, did not write a systematic theology. What they wrote is scripture. It is rich in various genres.

And we always try to turn it into propositions of systematic theology.

Not a good plan.

A Plea to Pastors and Theologians who Preach on Social Media – Naturalis Historia

A Plea to Pastors and Theologians who Preach on Social Media – Naturalis Historia
— Read on thenaturalhistorian.com/2020/01/21/a-plea-to-pastors-and-theologians-who-preach-on-social-media/

Increasingly, I have lost respect for many pastors and theologians that I either know personally, have heard speak or whose books and articles I have read. Before encountering these individuals on social media I believed them to be discerning exegetes and trusted sources of information as they applied the scriptures to many social, political and scientific issues of our day. But observing these same people on social media routinely sharing fake news that two minutes of Internet searching and reading would debunk, engaging in debates using fallacious argumentation, and painting uncharitable caricatures of social and political leaders is disheartening. As a result I have been unfriending and unfollowing social media friends that engage in such behavior online