Sunday School

I have been thinking about Sunday School, and lamenting its demise.

I suppose the day of Sunday School for both children and adults has had its day and gone into eclipse. Now it seem like kids have a kid’s service, focusing on entertainment, while the adults have a church service, also focusing on entertainment. Is that cynical?

Anyway, I’m fine with changing ways and procedures. But what I lament is the loss of biblical literacy. Sunday School was always the main way people learned about the Bible, and read it and prayed through it together.

SS is not an old traditional thing, anyway. It’s a rather new invention in terms of the life of. the church. I don’t know how biblical literacy was accomplished before SS. Maybe I should look into that.

These days, SS has been replaced, I guess, by small groups. But in my experience, small groups are less about Bible study and reading, and more about social connections. I’m not knocking the need for koinonia, but I wish there was a way to accomplish both those goals, both being important to true discipleship.

We need to find a way to replace SS as a way to learn to read the Bible, or the next generations of the church will be without foundation.


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