What God Cannot Do

Do you have a free will, or is life determined for you without your input?

It cannot be both.

You cannot appeal to paradox and say that with God it can be both. (I hear that one all the time, which really means that people don’t want to think about and take a shortcut to end the discussion.)

Either you have free will or you don’t.

Thus, if you have free will:

  • there doesn’t have to be a divine purpose in everything that happens to you.
  • the is not a specific time appointed for you to die that you cannot override by dying early.
  • God is not to blame when you get sick.
  • you can decide to place your loyalty and trust in God, through Jesus.
  • you can change your mind about that later.
  • there is no one God-designated person you should marry, job you should have, church you should attend, or place you should live.

Please feel free to discuss.

I know some will say that God can do anything. Well, can do anything logically possible, but even those things he doesn’t always do. That is, he doesn’t do everything. So, figure that into your discussion.

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