Reading the Old Testament

If we are correct in thinking that the Old Testament is God’s revelation of his plans and purposes, and that through that revelation we should be able to come to some basic understanding about God, it is then logical to conclude that the most important message of the Old Testament is found in what it teaches us about God. That teaching does not expire, grow obsolete, or change. It is not the sort of teaching from which we can pick and choose what parts we want to believe and what parts we want to set aside. Its truth about God should comprise our beliefs about God. Furthermore, there is much information about God revealed in the Old Testament that is never addressed in the New Testament. If we only read the Old Testament christologically or from the vantage point of the New Testament, we will miss some of what God has revealed about himself.

John H. Walton, “Old Testament Theology for Christians”

This I believe. It’s a shame we don’t read the OT more.

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