Studying Ecclesiastes

I am reading Ecclesiastes now. This is a close reading, a deep reading. It is an appropriate study for this stage of my life. I have come to the end, like Qohelet, and I agree that all is absolute absurdity.

I may decide to read this document over and over until my time comes. It is a comfort to me.

When we die, we may be remembered for a generation or two, but that’s it. We have left no permanent mark on the earth. We have made no real lasting effect on anyone else, and even if we did, they too will die and the effect will die with them.

This is a comfort to me because I look back over my life and I am disappointed by what I have accomplished and what I am accomplishing now. But Qohelet reminds me that it is not just me. It’s me and you and everyone else too.

I am sure I will have some more to share from my study of Ecclesiastes. Some may see it as counter to the theology of the Bible, but I prefer to see it as an important corrective to Pollyanna religion. A kind of reality check. It is integral to the picture of God we have revealed to us.

I am thankful for the teaching of Qohelet.

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