Do I Want to Understand the Bible?

From the beginning, you’ll have to ask yourself, Do I want to understand the Bible? This might seem like a disingenuous question, but it’s a question we should all seriously ask ourselves. After all, if you come to understand the Bible better, consider the implications for how you live, think, and speak. Understanding the Bible better may very well unsettle you; it may estrange you from yourself as you try to grow into someone who loves the Scriptures better. If this line of thought seems abstract, think of it like this: Have you ever shared a favorite song, movie, or GIF with a friend, only to have them not be quite as enthusiastic about it as you are? What’s your first thought? If you’re like me, you’re inclined to think concerning your friend, She doesn’t really get it. Why do I have that thought? Well, because I have been so affected by the thing that the only imaginable response is the kind of enthusiasm I experienced. If my friend really understood, she would feel the same way, right? If you come to understand the Bible better, you will be the kind of person who is moved by it and who wants others to be moved as well. Is that something you truly want?

Matthew Mullins, Enjoying the Bible: Literary Approaches to Loving the Scriptures (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Academic: A Division of Baker Publishing Group, 2021), 46–47.

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