What Will the New Creation Be Like?

The Bible gives some hints and shadows of the new heavens and the new earth, but necessarily it is all in metaphors. There is no language to describe what eyes have not seen and ears have not heard. Crude approximations are as close as we can come.

So I don’t really know much about God’s coming new creation. I do have some ideas based on my reading of scripture:

  • It really is coming. Yes, Christians have been saying that for 2000 years, but that makes it no less true. This is our hope.
  • The new creation will come when Jesus comes. I have no idea what form this coming will take, but I know it will be climactic.
  • When he comes, we will be raised from death as he was.
  • When he comes, he will not take the church out of this world to heaven, but he will bring heaven to earth. On earth as in heaven.
  • Jesus will be in charge of the earth. There will be no more corrupt human governments and no more evil influence will be allowed. It will truly be heaven on earth.
  • Our existence will not be one of sitting around relaxing forever, or even of constantly bowing before the throne of God, but it will be a productive existence. Life will be like it was when God created the world, before our sin corrupted it.
  • I might like to be a professor of biblical studies. Would you like to take some classes? What would your calling for the ages be?

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