Weird Uncle

Some Christians and groups of Christians have some different beliefs than I have. The core of our faith is the same, but they might pray to the saints, or they might speak with tongues, or they might eschew any baptism save immersion.

They might look for a rapture of the church, or they might see teetotaling as a necessity of faith, or they might dress in a funny way.

They might think Saturday is the only day to gather for worship, or they might eschew church membership, or they might even stick with the KJV.

But at the core, we are brothers and sisters.

I will treat them with love, as befits those of the household of faith. I will treat them like I would the weird uncle whose sense of humor is different from the rest of the family, who teaches the children to make fart machines, who sometimes makes dinner uncomfortable.

I will love them. I will agree with them on the things that matter. I will disagree with them on the things that don’t. I will love them.

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