Finished Finally, and A New Start

Last September I started reading 1 Samuel. Since then I’ve read the Samuels, the Kingses, and the Chronicleses. I finished 2 Chronicles yesterday. I suppose I’ve been reading about a chapter a day.

I must admit, it has been, at times, a slog.

On the other hand, a deeper appreciation of Israelite history and culture is paramount for understanding the Bible as a whole. The historical books give you that in spades.

Now I’ve begun a study of Galatians. I’ve probably read and studied Galatians more than any other book. The letter just fascinates me. For it to make sense, one needs to reconstruct the problem(s) Paul is addressing. This process has been compared to listening to one side of a phone conversation.

So off we go, looking for freedom. I hope to post about the process and the result of this study.

I’m trying an experiment. I’m using The Brain as a tool for note taking and organization. If you have experience with this tool in the context of Bible study, please let me know. I’m fumbling around. Visual tools are foreign to me and my mode of thinking. I’m hoping for some added value that I have not yet seen.

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