Wayne Taylor Racing

I’m becoming a fan of Wayne Taylor Racing. Before the 24 hour race at Daytona last weekend, I have been much more interested in the GT cars than the prototypes. But the racing at Daytona was exciting in the DPi class. Albequerque held off a furious attack by Renger Van der Zande, which was eventually doomed by tire failure. Renger laid it all out on the track and actually had a faster car; it would have been nice to see it play out. I’m sure there will be some more duels before the year is over.


Wayne Taylor Racing is HQed right here in my hometown, as are many motorsports entities.

Still Able to Get Groceries

I had been told that the new president would starve out the red states by shutting down all commerce in the middle of the country by executive order. But I am still able to get groceries. And that without threatening violence.

Is it possible, I wonder, that most of the conspiracy theories are all wet?