Disregard the Elders at your Peril

In 2 Chronicles 10, Rehoboam succeeds Solomon as king of Israel, but is immediately faced with a potential revolt by the northern tribes.

Solomon’s reign has been hard on the north because of the massive building projects and the requirements of forced labor to accomplish them. The north, reasonably I think, asks for a lighter load under Rehoboam. The king takes a three-day pause to examine the problem.

He asks two groups of advisers about what to do. The old men see the reason behind the request and advise Rehoboam to give in a bit to the north in order to keep the kingdom united. The young men (actually more like middle-aged) advise the king to double down and make it even worse on the north. They even use crude euphemisms to make their point, as young men often do. Power goes to their heads.

Unfortunately for the united kingdom, Rehoboam accepts the advice of his buddies rather than the wise old men, the north rebels, and the rest is history. Rehoboam and all his successors rule over a much reduced kingdom consisting of only two of the twelve tribes, until even that stump kingdom becomes nothing at the hands of the Neo-Babylonian empire.

Most of the people I know who are of my age group feel marginalized by their churches.

Now, I understand that some old people are refractory and really only want things to be like they used to be. That is almost always a bad idea, and those ideas should be lovingly ignored.

But others of us understand that new times require new methodology, and our ideas just might be good ones. But it is rare that we are consulted, and if we are it is a token consultation which is summarily ignored.

It is quite frustrating to be put on the sidelines when your brain still works and brain is what is needed.

Is this a problem in your church? I hope not.

One thought on “Disregard the Elders at your Peril

  1. What a spot on article. I have been watching exactly what you have expressed. A troubling thought for me is that I seem to lack the ability to help others who are using the technic of marginalizing that age group. The frustration is knowing that these same leaders will probably reach a place of awareness to their error as they age themselves but only after valuable HUMAN RESOURCES were pushed aside.

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