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And another article dealing with the same thing. It’s almost too heavy for me to bear.

But there are key questions to ask about the culture of organisations which allow the abuse of power by ‘celebrity’ individuals—something that is hardly limited to one tradition in the church, and which we have seen all across society. The issues seem to me to cluster around three key questions:

1. Why do we allow individuals to be put on pedestals where they appear to be above question or contradiction?
2. What happened to proper process of accountability and transparency?
3. Why is there a lack of honesty, particularly in relation to questions of relationships and sex?
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2 thoughts on “Can God do good things through bad men? | Psephizo

  1. But still: so much blessing from such toxic streams…

    This has been on my mind since hearing of the scandal. When I was majoring in Philosophy, Ravi tied a lot of loose threads for me. The truth he spoke is the same regardless of his failure. Jesus IS the truth and He can still be glorified in the midst of our sin and mess. In our humanity, it’s difficult not to put leaders on a pedestal. However, the truth, the person of Jesus is the only one worthy of the pedestal.

    1. I agree. The truth is the truth, no matter the source of the information. The shame is that he could so clearly articulate the truth and the faith while apparently not living it all out. I’m guilty of the same sin, for I am inconsistent as well, and my actions don’t always match what I say I believe. I guess the expectations on a public person are such that I can (seemingly) get by with it and Ravi cannot.

      It’s unfortunate that sexual sins are seen as somehow worse than some other sins that are truly as bad.

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