Recommendation of exceptional book on the atonement

I sent the following to my pastoral staff in an email. I’ll share this recommendation more widely with whomever might happen upon this post.

I just finished the best theology book I’ve ever read. I read much more in biblical studies than I do in theology, but this book grabbed me from start to finish.


To summarize, McNall wants to stop arguing about models of the atonement and show how they work together (as a mosaic) to demonstrate what God did (and is doing) for us in Jesus. The arguments are compelling.

If I were a preacher or still able to teach others, I would find here a wealth of stuff to inform my teaching. Not only that, the thoughts in this book have helped me to love Jesus more. What more can you ask of a theology book?

I don’t often share my reading recommendations with my pastors, but this book is an exception, because it is exceptionally useful.

God bless. I pray for you guys every day.

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