Hope on the Lord’s Day

Perhaps you have pinned your hopes on politics, on politicians, or on the political process. Perhaps you have been deceived by proclamations of a modern day American messiah. Perhaps you are disillusion, or perhaps you are buttressed in your hope.

One thing the past week has taught me is that hope in politics is misaimed. Such hope can only lead to confusion, destruction, and chaos.

I choose to place my hope in Christ alone. He’s the only one providing good news instead of bad. I will follow him in trust and obedience, until he returns or calls me home.

This is an invitation to leave false and misaimed hope and enter the hope that God himself provides. Please join me.

Leave a comment if you want to discuss it.

As living stones be yourself built into a spiritual house: aefenglommung

As living stones be yourself built into a spiritual house: aefenglommung — LiveJournal:

Modern churches are more and more built or employed like theaters, places of entertainment. The congregation doesn’t enter into the service and participate so much as sit outside the experience as spectators. The clergy and other leaders have gotten impatient with a liturgy that requires movement and participation: they prefer an audience. And so the songs become less singable, the sermons more performative, and the rest drowned in the blather of announcements and chit-chat. In order to jazz up all this dull stuff, the preacher-performers turn to electronic jiggery-pokery, especially video. These would-be rock stars would add lasers and smoke effects if they could figure out how.

But spectacle is not the point. Meeting God is the point — in his house, together with others who are also part of our company, living and dead. You shouldn’t have to struggle with the worship service to keep your mind on that. Everything you do, everything that is said, the very walls and furnishings, should facilitate that. Nor does every symbol and action require explanation, as if they had no meaning but what the commentator pours into them. We need to talk less, and let God speak more.

Amen, brother. The church we attend is moving in the right direction. Others in our past are not.

Live and Breathe the Gospel

After my pastor’s sermon last Sunday, this has become my slogan for 2021: Live and breathe the gospel.

What does this mean? Not sure, entirely, but I do have adjustments to make.

  • Focus on what I can do for God rather on what I can no longer do
  • Focus on my abilities rather than my illness
  • Use what I have and what I am to glorify God

I’m sure there is more to come. Ideas?

The Dreaded BMV

I had to go into the license branch today, which is an exceedingly rare event. Most of my transactions can be managed online. Today I had a registration swap after a car trade that needed an in-person experience.

I used to dread going into the BMV. No longer.

When Mitch Daniels was governor he reformed the license branch system. And now, years after Mitch has moved on to PU, it still runs like a top. What used to take at least an hour of waiting and another thirty minutes of business took me today less than 20 minutes altogether.

I hope everyone has a BMV as good as we have in Indiana.

My pastor’s sermon yesterday was the perfect way to start a new year. FF to 11:06 for the start of the service and to 34:52 for the sermon.

  • Live and breathe the gospel
  • Love your church family
  • Lead a friend to Jesus

On balance, I decline your invitation: aefenglommung

The unbelievers look at us and say, “We don’t buy your beliefs, we won’t adopt your behaviors, and we don’t need your relationships. We want to be free of the burdens you would impose upon us.” But we do not impose those burdens on you. For that matter, they are not felt as burdens by us. We are simply doing what it takes to balance ourselves on this pinnacle. You are free to choose whatever beliefs, behaviors, and relationships you want. And you will then fall and go smash. The world you want to build will fall and go smash.

This grieves us. If you insist upon it, we cannot stop you, but neither will we join you. Falling and smashing holds no attraction for us. And someday, when your beliefs, behaviors, and relationships have thoroughly disappointed you, we will still be around. We’ll be glad to show you how to achieve the right balance in life.
— Read on aefenglommung.livejournal.com/1660542.html

Seeking First God’s Kingdom – Konkel

Seeking first God’s kingdom in the wealth of this world is a daily discipline, a continous and conscious choice to use money and resources to further the values of the kingdom of God and to bring others into that kingdom. The choices are not easy, and they are not without compromise. The mercy of God is to be found for the motives of those who participate in the economy of the great harlot, as they are in this world, but at the same time we must seek always to bring justice and good news to the weak and the needy.

August H. Konkel, 1 & 2 Kings, The NIV Application Commentary (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2006), 544.