On Not Making a Religion of Politics | Roger E. Olson

Roger Olson is on fire. I cannot but concur. In fact, I’ve been compiling notes for a post to the same effect and haven’t done it yet. Also is 100% on track.

On Not Making a Religion of Politics | Roger E. Olson:

Sadly, much to my dismay, many conservative and liberal Christians seem to more passionate about politics than about Jesus Christ and the gospel. Of course, they claim that their political commitments and activism are inseparable from Jesus Christ and the gospel, but they are absolutely, unequivocally wrong.

One thing became surprisingly clear to me—that some smart and successful people fall into a state of delusion, believing in and committing themselves to simply outlandishly absurd belief systems that were clearly invented for the purposes of power and money. They could not be talked out of that.

A massive delusion has gripped the minds and hearts of many American Christians and it is near-idolatrous if not blasphemous. It is the job of Christian theologians such as I am to challenge it, to name it for what it is, and to call it out. That is why I write this. Let him or her who has ears, hear. Hell awaits anyone who places anyone or anything alongside or above God in terms of their ultimate concern. That is traditional Christian doctrine, not just my opinion.

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