On balance, I decline your invitation: aefenglommung

The unbelievers look at us and say, “We don’t buy your beliefs, we won’t adopt your behaviors, and we don’t need your relationships. We want to be free of the burdens you would impose upon us.” But we do not impose those burdens on you. For that matter, they are not felt as burdens by us. We are simply doing what it takes to balance ourselves on this pinnacle. You are free to choose whatever beliefs, behaviors, and relationships you want. And you will then fall and go smash. The world you want to build will fall and go smash.

This grieves us. If you insist upon it, we cannot stop you, but neither will we join you. Falling and smashing holds no attraction for us. And someday, when your beliefs, behaviors, and relationships have thoroughly disappointed you, we will still be around. We’ll be glad to show you how to achieve the right balance in life.
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