How should Christians respond to a new lockdown? | Psephizo

This article is UK-oriented, but the facts and reasoning is no different in the US. Most of the Christians in my acquaintance are not thinking Christianly about the virus and are actually making things worse for themselves and others. Ian has, as usual, a sane Christian look at a difficult situation.

We appear to have entered a rather different phase of engagement with the question of Covid-19 and our response to this legally and socially. At the beginning of the ‘first wave’ in March, there was a widespread sense that we needed to respond quickly and drastically, and most of the criticism was that Government had not acted quickly or seriously enough.

The mood appears different now. There is so much more information around, and much more that we do in fact know about the virus—and with that there has been a clearer divergence of expert views on both how to make sense of what is happening and how to respond to it.
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