No Longer Human | George Yancey

In one way it really does not matter if Trump or Biden wins the presidency. Either way you will have a substantial percentage of individuals who will feel displaced. They will be tempted to create an us versus them mentality in which they can envision the election victors as enemies of the state who must be defeated at all costs. The humanity of those ideological opponents will not be considered. And those who win will also perceive those they defeated as rebels and troublemakers. It will be a rebellion that they will put significant amounts of energy into crushing. Rather than being seen as humans from a different perspective, they will be seen as rebels who seek to tear down all we have built up. Other human qualities that these rebels have will be forgotten. The only thing that matters is their willingness to challenge the particular political perspective of the winners. This is the type of dehumanization that is bipartisan and tearing the country apart.

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