Idolatry and Culture

I have a growing concern for my brothers and sisters in Jesus. Many of you have become so embroiled in the political process that politics (in whatever form you espouse) has become an idol to you. You may say that you are doing it in the service of the Lord, but you have left him behind and have put your hope in a bunch of flawed people instead.

Please, please, please, in the name of Jesus, examine your commitments and check on your priorities.

The Israelites accommodated the culture around them and fell into idolatry. They were exiled because of it.

If you are not a believer, this is not directed to you. People who do not claim to be in Christ are not held to the same standards. But people who do follow Christ have no leeway when it comes to putting God first.

Some of you have a political addiction problem that is as troubling as a drug or porn addiction. Pray to the Lord to be healed.

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