Moving on to Revelation and PDF of blog posts on Matthew

After I completed my study of Matthew last week, I moved on to a study of Revelation. I don’t intend to publish regular blog posts out of this study, because Revelation is too contentious and I have never wanted to be in a position of leading anyone else in a study of it. I’m sure there will be some posts about it as time goes on.

One thing that has dawned on me already (in the first eleven verses of Revelation) is that endurance has a component of resistance, especially when it comes to false teaching. False teaching and the ineffectiveness of the church is what you might call a hobby of mine, so I’m sure I will have some things to say.

Meanwhile, I compiled my Matthew blog posts into a single PDF file. I certainly wouldn’t consider it to be any kind of commentary, but it might be useful to people teaching a class or a group studying Matthew. I would think of it more as a set of teaching points than anything else. So help yourself with the link below:

Matthew blog posts.pdf

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