Matthew 27:57-66; Burial

Within twenty-four hours of saying, “This is my body…”, that body is buried in the tomb of Joseph, wrapped in linen. Jesus is really and truly dead, just as he predicted.

Joseph was a disciple of Jesus. He was rich (with God all things are possible), and he had enough influence for Pilate to grant him to the right to bury the body. The main disciples have fled, but Joseph and some of the women have stayed.

And the two Marys witnessed the burial and stood vigil.

The Jerusalem leaders had heard of Jesus’ prediction of his resurrection, and they want to avoid any hanky panky with the body by posting a guard. Notice the reappearance of the Pharisees, who have been quiescent during the proceedings leading to Jesus’ death. The leaders seal the grave and post a guard.

These rube Galileans won’t be able to pull anything over on them, the sophisticated Temple leaders.

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