Matthew 24:29-31; Parousia

This little paragraph is mostly about what will happen. After that, Jesus will talk more about when.

The disciples are told that the coming of the Son of Man will follow immediately upon the days of tribulation. Unless you are a full preterist who believes that Jesus already came, or that this refers to his coming into glory at his ascension, you’ll have to agree with me that he has not yet returned. Therefore we are still in the time of tribulation. Can I get an amen?

It will not be secret

It is difficult to imagine a more public spectacle than the coming of Jesus as described here. I suppose that the exact nature of what happens with the sun and moon and stars is highly symbolic, using “day of the Lord” language from Hebrew scripture, but the symbols surely point to an event that won’t be happening in secret.

Not everyone will be happy about it

The nations will mourn. For many, this is the time of judgment. The nations will be dissolved and the earth will come under the lordship of Christ himself. No more nationalism, no more racism, no more politics. Jesus is Lord.

The church will be gathered

We will meet our Lord and bow at his feet. He will welcome us as his brothers and sisters, children of his Father. From all over the earth and from all through the ages, we will be one.

Some of you know that I have a terminal illness. Nobody knows the day or the hour when I will breathe my last. For a while I was having dreams about the great resurrection, and in some of them I was the guy responsible to lead the raised Christians from my cemetery to meet with Jesus. Only I didn’t know where to go. Dreams are like that. At least for me, my abilities fail me in dreams at he worst time.

Praise the Lord. When the time comes, I’ll have angels to help. I don’t have to find Jesus on my own. He will find me and gather me in.

Christians should be looking forward to the great and glorious day of the Lord. Jesus will return and earth will be put back in shape. Life will be like God meant it to be in the first place. And we will be together with our Lord and with one another. Sounds pretty good to me.

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