Matthew 20:29-34; Two Blind Men (Again)

With all the talk of the kingdom and of Jesus giving his life for the many, and with the move toward Jerusalem, another healing at this point seems a little bit like a regression in the story. Back in chapter 9 there was a similar story of the healing to two bling men, and I suppose the two similar stories serve to bracket the whole section of the gospel leading up to the last week in Jerusalem.

It is probably also the case that Matthew wants us to see healing from blindness as symbolic of healing from spiritual blindness. These two men had spiritual sight to realize that Jesus was the messiah and they called him Lord.

We use the term “Lord” a lot about God and Jesus, but what do we mean by it? Do we mean that we turn our lives over to him as if he had a claim on our lives (which he does)? Does it mean he is our exclusive leader? Or are we just casually using familiar terminology?

The crowd tried to silence the blind men. They probably thought Jesus should not be bothered on his way to Jerusalem to become Lord of Jerusalem and Israel. But Jesus heard their second cry and stopped, asking them what they wanted. As if he didn’t already know.

Jesus had compassion on them. Pity. He touched them and healed them.

And they followed him. Maybe they followed him the sixteen miles to Jerusalem.

Following Jesus, even to death, is the correct response.

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