Matthew 19:30-20:16; Day Laborers

Now we get to my favorite parable of Jesus. He brackets it with language of reversal. This a parable about the grace of God.

Men who worked only an hour before quitting time got the same pay as if they had worked all day. What’s more, they probably wouldn’t have been hired at all under normal circumstances. What a beautiful thing.

We are all eleventh-hour workers. We don’t deserve to be chosen. And when we are chosen, we don’t deserve much. But we are given full pay. That’s the way it is in thin kingdom.

Is it fair? No. Is it just? No. Is it grace? Yes, yes, yes.

There are no levels in the kingdom. If you think someone who has been in the church for many years has privilege over someone who just came to Jesus, you are wrong. We all have the same work to do and we all have the same reward for it.

Accept the grace graciously. The first are last and the last first.

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