Matthew 14:22-33; Walking on Water

Here is another story designed to tell us who Jesus really is. Truly, he is the Son of God.

After the time with the large crowd, Jesus wants some alone time, so he sends the disciples ahead of him to the other side of the lake. He apparently spent quite a long time praying, because he shows up again in the 3-6 am time period.

And when he shows up he makes quite an appearance: walking on the surface of the lake in the storm. This is normally not done except in Minnesota in January.

After calming the fearful disciples, bold Peter wants to share in the fun and Jesus invites him to do so. But when he realizes what he is doing, he begins sinking. Jesus often saves or heals people by reaching out, and he reaches out and saves Peter, calling him a name, oligopistos, meaning you-little-faith-one. Quite different from Peter’s nickname, which means Rock and is also how he would have sunk if Jesus had not reached out.

Personally, I’m impressed by Peter’s faith in at least trying. He is bolder than I.

At this point, it’s a good idea to insert the sermon you have heard ten or twelve times about what happens when you take your eyes off Jesus and look at your circumstances.

The upshot is that the disciples see who Jesus really is and they worship him by confessing what they see and know.

Truly, he is the Son of God.

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