Matthew 13:44-46; Treasure and a Pearl

What about this kingdom of heaven Jesus is talking about? What is it like?

First, it is highly valuable. More valuable than everything the sharecropper owns, and even more valuable than everything the wealthier merchant owns. They both sell out to purchase the valuable find.

Second, it is hidden from many. You have to be on the lookout for a valuable pearl (which had the cachet of diamonds) to find it. You have to keep your eyes open for buried treasure to find it. Most people just pass by and don’t notice.

The kingdom of God causes us to reorder our priorities. The kingdom is more important than our own well-being, more important than our own families, more important than anything and everything else.

Sometimes we are guilty of cheapening the kingdom. When we tell people that they can pray a prayer and be saved from hell, we cheapen the kingdom. Jesus asks us to sell out, not to say some words of assent.

The church needs to come to terms with the value of the kingdom. We are far too casual about what we are doing. We are afraid to sell out. We don’t want to be seen as fanatical or weird. We crave acceptance by the culture.

Until we sell out for the buried treasure of the kingdom, the pearl of great value, we don’t really understand yet,

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