Matthew 12:46-50; Family

Out of the blue, Jesus’ family shows up. Like many characters in these stories, they play no real part except for being there and being family.

We don’t know what happened after the pronouncement. We don’t know if they had a nice reunion, or not. There is no suggestion of Jesus rejecting his family. He is simply using them to make a point.

Jesus wants his disciples to know that following him and living the kingdom life is even more important than family relationships.

Today, much of church marketing is aimed at families. Our families are our ultimate group, our ultimate commitment. We have noticed that church is so family-oriented that people without families are, to a degree, marginalized.

Not sure that meets the criterion Jesus sets here. Jesus sets clear and perhaps difficult priorities. It’s our choice.

We must also notice that Jesus emphasized what is done by people, not how they think or talk. Living the kingdom life makes us family with Jesus and God is our Father.

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