Matthew 12:22-29; Exorcism

We move now to the case of a man who has lost two out of five of the normal senses. He can neither see nor hear (and thus speak), and it is blamed on a demon who is oppressing the man.

Jesus, very simply, heals the man and he began to speak and to see. (As we should speak when we see what God is doing. Perhaps there is an object lesson there.)

The Pharisees are quite upset because it looks like the people are ready to accept Jesus as the messiah. But since he hasn’t been so designated by the powers that be, this cannot be.

Their approach is basically to call Jesus as magician, empowered by dark powers.

Jesus refutes their argument in two ways:

  1. He appeals to the head. How much sense does it make for the powers of darkness to fight against the powers of darkness? And what about the Jewish exorcists? Are they also in league with Satan?
  2. He appeals to the heart. Look at why Jesus is doing and you will surely have to agree that he is led and empowered by the Spirit of God and not Satan.

Thus, the Kingdom has come and is coming.

The strong man—Satan—is being bound and his house is being plundered. Read Revelation for more on this.

As we shall see, the Pharisees are on dangerous ground when they accuse Jesus in this way.

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