Matthew 11:25-27; Father and Son

Following the discussion about rejection by most of Israel, Jesus talks to his Father. I love the juxtaposition of “Father” and “Lord of heaven and earth”. The infinite but intimate God. Father of Jesus and Father of his brothers and sisters.

Some of the English translations use the work “thank” in this prayer, but “acknowledge” would be better. No doubt an element of thanksgiving and praise is included in that.

Reformed people have an easier time interpreting 25-26 than I do. They can just look at the fact that some accept the message and some reject it and chalk it up to God’s will. But if God controls the world in that way, I have a hard time understanding how sin came in the first place. Think on these things.

However you want to explain it, there is a theme throughout the Bible of the truth being hidden from the wise and smart people and made available to the simple people. I guess you could say that people who have things all figured out don’t need to listen to anything else.

Jesus is happy that his followers are salt of the earth people, not the people who already figured out the stuff that only God truly knows.

I also love the picture this gives us of the relationship between the Father and the Son. As with any relationship, words are not particularly good at explaining this one. The Father and the Son really know one another. Obviously, the way we know the Father is to listen to and follow and obey the Son.

I’m glad that I am simple-minded enough to accept that.

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