Matthew 11:20-24; Unrepentant Towns

Jesus continues on the theme of unreceptive people by pronouncing woes on some of the nearby towns of Galilee. These are really like OT lament passages. These towns are in a miserable situation, even if they do not know it.

Perhaps the three towns, Jesus’ HQ and two other towns nearby, are representative. Or perhaps they have had more exposure to Jesus and his message. Whatever the case, the towns have no excuse. It would be better for them if they hadn’t heard Jesus than to hear and ignore or reject.

Notice that Jesus does not condemn them for rejecting him. He points out, instead, that they have not repented. Despite seeing God at work, they have not turned.

There is no comfort here for the Christian. We still have a job to do to proclaim Jesus. If those towns where he lived did not listen, what should we expect today.

[Today is blood transfusion day for me. I have to get a couple hours earlier than usual, and my mind might not be working very well yet. Maybe I’ll think of some more things to say as the day goes one.]

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