Matthew 11:1-6; John Questions Jesus

With a transitional verse 1, we move from discourse back into action. There is no further word on the mission of the Twelve, which makes me think the instructions for the mission are as much for the church as for the original missioners. As it should be. The gospel is for the church.

John (in prison) sends disciples to ask if Jesus is one to come or not. That is vague enough to see that we don’t really know what John was expecting, but specific enough to see that he isn’t quite sure that Jesus is meeting what he expected. So far, for example, there has been no baptism with fire that I know of.

Jesus responds by quoting from Isaiah, and it is quite apparent that Jesus positively sees himself as God’s representative, at the very least. He tells John’s disciples to relate to John what they heard and also what they saw, so they must have stuck around long enough to observe the ministry of Jesus.

There is no follow up on how John received this news and the following sections of the gospel show us that we are to have a positive view of John. I guess it’s ok to question and to ask questions. Good thing, too, because that is my way.

Jesus goes on to pronounce another blessing, in addition to the Beatitudes, toward those who do not stumble over him.

That, also, is addressed to the church, and to us.

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