Matthew 10:1-4; The Twelve

The intro to the next big section of Matthew’s gospel continues with the naming of the Twelve. We have seen the call of some of them, so I suppose we are to imagine that they all have been called in a similar manner. They have been with Jesus through the teaching phase and they have watched him heal people with compassion for all.

Now it is their turn.

Jesus gives them essentially the same authority over illness and demons that they have seen him demonstrate. He is getting ready to send them out on a mission.

The fields are white. Here come a few harvesters.

As far as I know, Jesus has not authorized me to heal people or to cast out demons. But I am still authorized to be an extension of his earthly ministry. And Jesus didn’t just talk. He demonstrated the kingdom.

And now it is our turn.

How can we demonstrate the kingdom?

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