Matthew 9:27-31: Two Blind Men

Two blind men recognize Jesus as the Messiah (Son of David) and cry out for mercy. I think it’s interesting that Jesus makes them follow him back to the house before he helps them. I mean, they are blind.

Blindness is special. Healing of blindness is another sign of the kingdom. Healers of the day couldn’t help blind people, but Jesus did.

He probed their faith a bit and healed them with a touch.

He also asked them to keep it on the down low, probably because he didn’t want so much of the Son of David stuff and possibly because he didn’t want followers-on just because of the miracles. And blindness was definitely a special case.

They disobeyed. Which goes to show that people of faith don’t always obey. It would have been better, and expressed better faith, if they had obeyed.

The kingdom is coming and it is here.

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