Matthew 9:18-26; Two Kingdom Miracles

While Jesus was teaching about wine and wineskins, an opportunity to demonstrate came along. A leader (of the synagogue?) came and asked him to bring his daughter back to life.

That is faith. Healing is one thing. Raising from death is another altogether.

Jesus went with the leader to do the miracle.

On the way, a woman with a longstanding female bleeding problem encountered him and expressed her faith in what seems kind of a magical manner. Her disease is physical with social ramifications; perhaps that has made her reluctant to have normal social interactions. But Jesus honors her faith and heals her. He looks at her and really sees her. He offers her a “take heart”.

Her faith—any faith—is not magic. Faith is an awareness of the kingdom at some level, and a willingness to accept Jesus and his kingdom. It is taking sides with Jesus. It is loyalty to him. The leader expressed his faith by bowing before Jesus and asking him to do the impossible. The woman expressed her faith by trying to be unobtrusive and to stay out of the way, as she had learned to do. Jesus honored both.

Mourning had begun for the dead girl. Jesus sent the mourners away and simply took the girl by the hand and raised her.

The kingdom has come. New wine.

I’ll side with Jesus.

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