Matthew 8:23-27; The Storm

Time for another lesson in what it means to be a disciple of Jesus, the Christ.

Jesus got in the boat and his followers followed him. That’s what followers do. Perhaps it already looked stormy, I don’t know. But they followed him onto the boat and they set sail (?) for the other side.

A storm blew up. It must have been a bad one; Matthew describes it as some sort of earthquake at sea. That does sound bad. But Jesus was tired and asleep in the boat and didn’t notice the storm.

The disciples woke Jesus and informed him. Matthew uses a single word adjective to describe the name Jesus gives them: you-of-little-faith. Ouch.

If their faith was little, they did go to the right place with it. If their faith was little, the did get an answer to their prayer.

I am convinced that the size of our faith is not nearly as important as the direction it points. Who do you trust? That leaves room for growth in our faith. The disciples learned that lesson on that stormy sea.

Jesus made the storm stop. That proves that the disciples trusted the right person. A disciple of Jesus trusts him.

The storms will come. They may be bad. They may be dangerous. We might even be dumped out of the boat and into the sea. We might not even survive the storm. Jesus may calm the storm or he may not.

We keep trusting him. With whatever level of faith we have.

Side note: be careful what you pray for. If the wind dies, you might have a long way to row your boat.

One thought on “Matthew 8:23-27; The Storm

  1. Very good Randy. You have been in a very long hurricane but your faith still holds to the Christ of Calvary. You have proven it’s possible!!

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