The Covid Vaccine has 666 Written All Over It…and Why that Doesn’t Matter According to Revelation

To take all of these things into account allows a much-needed moratorium on all the pointless anxiety and fear-mongering. The message of Revelation beckons us away from angst and worry. It bids us to gaze upon the slain Lamb—to worship him with loyalty, devotion, and commitment. Let’s make Christ our focus, not endless speculations that, at the end of the day, have very little to do with the message of Revelation
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One thought on “The Covid Vaccine has 666 Written All Over It…and Why that Doesn’t Matter According to Revelation

  1. The author of this article obviously holds a Preterist view and not a futuristic view of the book of Revelation. Which is absolutely fantastic, because I too hold the same view and it has to be right simply because its the only one that makes sense and fits perfectly with chapt 1v1 & 3 and 22 v6 &10 . But the criticism I have of your article is you never put forward your Preterist view. You pussy footed around and never got to the guts of the whole issue. Your readers, many of whom have great fears concerning what they believe the end times could mean for them, really got no comfort from your writings. Some believed you were deliberately soft soaping potential horrors they believed they could face like, if the anti Christ wants to chop your head off, don’t worry you will get by with the love of Jesus. I think you confused and angered some. The reaction of some was that you are a deceiver, that you are evil, that you are the Anti Christ himself etc etc. which of course is totally false and couldn’t be further from the truth. Rather what i believe you should have done in the first instance was boldly state your position as a Preterist. Explaining to them that they need not fear TMOTB, or The Anti Christ or any of the other horror things in Revelation as these prophecies have ALL found their total fulfillment in the 1st century AD and have nothing to do whatsoever with the 21st century or the previous 19 centuries as well for that matter. Then explain to them with the best evidence you can muster, why you believe what you believe. It would have being so much more effective at relieving the fears of many. Anyway Brother I hope I haven’t offended you by putting forth my view point. God Blessing.

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