Matthew 7:15-20; Fruit

There have always been false prophets and they continue to flourish today.

Let’s equate prophets with preachers. Same job, different name.

Not all preachers are who they seem to be. They are in disguise. Their message is false. They seem to be humble servants of God, but they are “ravenous wolves”. Their agenda is not what you think. They are out for themselves.

Their disguises are good. They accumulate followers like nobody’s business. They seem to be productive and popular. They seem to be respectable.

They are, in fact, just the opposite.

You have to look at what they produce. Compare what Jesus produced to what these preachers produce. The product of all preachers should be compared to what Jesus produced. Compare the preaching to this sermon.

Jesus preached about the kingdom. Jesus provided a pretty strict instruction about ethics in everyday life. Jesus preached about interior formation.

What is your preacher producing? Is your preacher leading people on the narrow road?


  • is your preacher building an organization that makes the preacher look like a great leader?
  • is your preacher becoming wealthy on the gifts of the people?
  • is your preacher selling an improved life situation and material benefits?
  • is your preacher softening the message of Jesus?
  • is your preacher selling cheap grace so people have no idea of the arduous path of discipleship required to follow Jesus?
  • is your preacher tired of the job and not really doing it any more, but too set to move on?
  • is your preacher producing disciples to the preacher rather than to Jesus?
  • is your preacher pointing to the preacher rather than to Jesus?

Check the fruit. Compare the fruit to Matthew 5-7. Get away from the false preacher. You don’t want to be anywhere near when the bad tree is cut down and burned up.

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