Matthew 6:25-34; Worry

Ticklish one here. I have seen people in tears following a sermon on worry because they think they have failed God by worrying about something. Preachers need to be careful about how they handle passages like this one.

So far in the Sermon on the Mount there has been a considerable amount of rhetorical exaggeration. I assume there is some of that here as well. Obviously we cannot go through life without even thinking about where our food comes from, what we will wear.

At the same time, these concerns can rise to the level of obsession. New houses are built with huge walk-in closets to accommodate our obsessions.

Jesus is really saying for us to live out his model prayer. Trust God for the daily bread. Ask him for help to stay out and get out of hot water.

And most importantly, Jesus is saying that we need to keep our priorities straight. The kingdom of God, ushered in by Jesus himself, is here and is coming and we should make that our first priority. And we need to live like Jesus is teaching in this sermon.

I am convicted here. I spend some time each day looking at photos of food, mostly burgers, on Instagram and Reddit. I watch videos on YouTube about grilling and smoking. I plan my weekend grill recipes. Maybe I spend too much time thinking about food. I don’t eat very much at this stage of life, but I still think about food a lot.

Not so much on the clothes. We all have our own vices.

Lord, help us put to the kingdom first and to live like followers of Jesus.

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