Matthew 6:22-23; The Eye

Not as straightforward, to me at least, is this little section. Obviously, the premodern model of vision is different than ours, and that doesn’t help me understand it.

Also, I’m not sure whether it points backward, adding to the saying about treasure. Or whether it points forward, introducing the saying about loyalty. Or both.

I can say that how we take in our environment is very important. Do we soak it in like a sponge and just become part of the culture? Or do we use discernment and keep our insides clean and pure?

I want to keep my body full of light. I want to spend time reading the Bible every day. I want to read good books. I want to minimize my TV watching. I want to stay off Facebook and stay away from conspiracy theories and paranoid personalities. I want to have good conversations and talk about the things of God.

It’s a constant struggle, isn’t it? Our eyes, ears, and thoughts are always open and ready to take stuff in. We need to be in control of the light.

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