Matthew 5:31-32; Third Example, Divorce (and Adultery)

We are too soft on sin. Christians often proceed to sin while presuming upon the grace of God. That is not a Christian view of sinful behavior.

Along with the rest, we are soft on divorce these days. Anyone who has stayed married for a while knows that it takes a lot of hard work to keep the marriage alive. Taking the marriage covenant seriously requires it, though. Divorce should not be seen as an easy way out of a bad decision.

Today, some people go into marriage knowing they have an easy way out if they don’t like it.

Divorce ought to be more rare than it is. Jesus offers a reason why divorce may be legitimate. But extension there might be other good reasons for divorce, but I’m not qualified to talk about them.

I am qualified to say that marriage should be taken seriously. It requires commitment. Lack of commitment to the marriage is truly a form of adultery.

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