Matthew 4:23-25; Jesus Proclaims the Kingdom

Here we have an account of the beginning phase os Jesus’ ministry in Galilee. We have been told that his message was the same as that of John. Let’s look at the similarities and contrasts of message and method:

  • John went to the Jordan and people came to him. Jesus went to the synagogues of Galilee (the community and educational centers), to the people.
  • Jesus healed people. We have no record of John doing that.
  • John’s crowds came from Judea. People came from a wider area to see Jesus. Probably because of the healing ministry, I guess.
  • People even came from Judaea and Jerusalem to see Jesus. I guess word will probably get back to the religious leaders in Jerusalem.

This little section sets up the Sermon on the Mount. We’ll spend some time on that.

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