Matthew 2:1-12; Wise Men and Wise Guys

The wise men are the Magi. The wise guys are Herod and his thugs. Get it?

Once again we see Gentiles as the good guys. They come to worship the baby Jesus as Kind of the Jews. (A bigger title than Herod held.)

We have skipped over some time since the first chapter. I don’t know how much. And the unsung hero Joseph is not mentioned at all, but Mary is.

The Gentile Magi (probably Persians, I guess) gave costly gifts to Mary and Jesus.

By not going back to Herod, they helped Jesus stay pretty much undercover until his time would come in another thirty-some years. Herod died in 4 BC, so Jesus might have been born in 7 or 6 BC. The time for Jesus to be known would come much later.

We await his coming out as the shepherd of Israel.

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