Matthew 1:18-25; Joseph, the Unsung Hero

Joseph is pretty cool, Mary gets all the press, and I don’t want to detract from that. But Joseph is special, too.

His contractual wife has shown up pregnant. He is within his rights to end the contract and make a spectacle of her. What would you do?

He decided on a lower key approach. End the contract, but do so quietly so she could retain as much dignity as possible. He was a righteous man. Perhaps he also loved the young lady, despite the rather strange arrangements that pertained to the time and place in history.

An angel spoke to him in a dream. And he believed the angel. He changed his mind.

He went ahead and the consummated the marriage without consummation of the marriage until the baby was born, if you know what I mean.

Joseph named the baby Jesus, as instructed in the dream. By naming him, Joseph adopted him as his son. He was just a much the son of Joseph as he was of Mary after the adoption. Joseph was of David’s line. That makes Jesus of David’s line. And that is important.

When you think about the birth of Jesus—who will save his people from their sins—by all means give honor to Mary for her willingness to participate in the incarnation of the Son of God. But don’t forget Jospeh.

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