Review of High Definition Commentary: Galatians – Brent Niedergall

Every Sunday, more preachers than we would like to think stand behind pulpits and incorrectly explain various features of the Greek language in the New Testament. Grammatical misunderstandings of the aorist tense form and the present active imperative have been carefully passed down from generation to generation along with lexical misconceptions of words like ἀγαπάω and ἐκκλησία. Bible-believing, orthodox preachers, who love God are feeding their congregation linguistic lies out of an ignorance of the Greek language. That’s too bad. But it’s also too bad that where a knowledge of biblical Greek can actually bring so much to the table in our preaching and teaching, it is often ignored. Steve Runge has done preachers and teachers a great service by writing High Definition Commentary: Galatians, a resource that uses Greek correctly so preachers and teachers can improve what they’re bringing to the table when feeding their congregations. 
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