Paul: A Biography, NT Wright

I just finished reading Wright’s biography of Paul. Wright has written thousands and thousands of pages, and many of them about Paul and his writings, and I have read nearly all of those pages over the years.

But this book is different.

Not only do I feel like I know Paul better from reading this book, but I also feel like I know Tom Wright better. Or maybe I should say that I see a pastoral side to Wright that is often overpowered by the scholarly Wright.

I can say it’s my favorite Tom Wright book of them all. So far. And that’s saying a lot, since they are all my favorites.

The last chapter on why Paul was successful is worth the price of the whole book. I recommend this book to anyone in ministry, especially to pastors. And I recommend it to serious laymen like myself who care about the church and who aren’t willing to accept the status quo without question.

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